Little playpens are very helpful if you are not able to come home often to let your new puppy out. 

A couple other of our Kong favs are the Classic Kong

& the Kong Wobbler.

We all know puppies like to chew and some of our favorites and most Kong toys, we send all of our puppies home with a Kong wubba, my dogs love them!  

I like to use the soft treats for training, puppies seem to like them a lot and it's quicker for them to eat so they don't loose focus while training.


So the everyone always wants to know what are some of my favorite things to use so I decided to make this page to help all the new puppy owners out. 

Tropiclean makes my favorite detangler and Shampoo/Conditioner. Not only do they work good they smell great!

If you plan of doing some grooming yourself these are a must have! The Andis Clipper are pricey but they are the best (I've tried a few with no success!

The snuggle puppy is great for new puppies at night to help them feel like they are still with their littermates.

Bitter Apple is a must have if you have a chewer, all you have to do is spray it on what you want the puppy not to chew.

We feed and recommend TLC 

Feeding/food storage and sleeping...

Bully sticks are also great for puppies, my older dogs go thru them really but they last a lot longer with the puppies

I love these bones for when the puppies are little and teething. They aren't as good for older dogs though.

Some of my favorite training treats ..

I have both of these food storage containers and can honestly say I love them both equally :)

Potty Training & Crate Training...

Potty bells are another must when bring home a new puppy. They are so helpful in the training process and you won't believe how fast pups catch on to these!

The Neater Feeder is great for doodle "beards" 

The Kong Wobbler is also really helpful with fast eaters or bored pups/dogs. You put food inside and as the puppy/dog moves it around food will slowly come out!

Crate training is also super helpful when a puppy is learning. Some dogs use their crate as their comfort zone

A good grooming table will make all the difference.

The Coolaroo beds are great for outside  in the summer. If you have a pool and doodle that loves to swim these help the doodles dry off faster!

Here are some ways you can use them.